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Watch: Simon Coveney calls for 'all-Ireland approach' to legacy as he brands British government bill 'unacceptable'

Sinn Fein senator Lynn Boylan has claimed that there are not enough dog wardens for the country’s 192,348 licenced dogs ...
Irish Daily Mirror on MSN | 2 hours ago
Growing speculation around Biden administration's appointment of special envoy for Northern Ireland

The humanitarian response of the Government has taken a very significant proportion of the accommodation stock out of the ...
Irish Daily Mirror on MSN | 2 hours ago
Ireland having just 60 wardens for 200,000 dogs blasted as 'completely inadequate'

BBC Radio Foyle's lunchtime news programme 'The News at One' failed to air today. No afternoon news bulletins were broadcast ...
Obituaries | Derry Now | 11 hours ago
Stormont stalemate: Northern Ireland fails to restore power-sharing

Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK that has seen its amount of electric vehicle (EV) chargers decrease. That’s ...
Energy Live News | 8 hours ago
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